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Article on Bonita Tanner


*There are some people who truly are the "life of the party." Bonita Tanner is a perfect example of this. Her boundless energy and infectious laugh make you want to pull up a chair and enjoy the moment. That's just what Elegant Island Living did recently when we caught up with Bonita enjoying lunch at Bubba Garcia's.

EIL: How long have you lived here ? Bonita Tanner: 17 wonderful years! I moved here to teach and I've loved every minute here. 1 can't imagine living anywhere else.

He said he was “Mr. Fun and I told him, Well, if you are Mr. Fun then I am Sista Fun.

EIL: How long have you been teaching and what is your current job?

BT: I am currently in my 18th year at Brunswick High School. I am the Department Head of Physical Education and Health and also the Athletic Coordinator for BHS.

EIL: What do you like most about living here? BT: Being close to the ocean and beach, the people, all the great restaurants — and it is just a beautiful place to live. The first time I came across the bridge to Saint Simons to start my job, I thought it was the most spectacular view and I still do.

EIL: How did you start your DJ and party business? BT: I was talked into DJing by two friends, Tom­my and Angela Tucker. Tommy is the owner of Dance Jammers, and I worked for him for 5 or 6 years. They both told me with my personal­ity I would be great. Tommy really helped me to get my "foot in the door" and Angela, who knows her music, helped me get my "foot on the floor." I learned a lot from them and I ap­preciate their encouragement and support.

About 4 years ago, after much encouragement from my friends, I started my own DJ business called "Spinnin' the Hitz" with "Sista Fun," a name I got from being on stage at Ziggy Ma-honey's with Keenan Carter. He said he was "Mr. Fun" and I told him, "Well, if you are Mr. Fun then I am 'Sista Fun'." I have watched from the dance floor at Ziggy s my good friend Keen­an, and I have learned from him as well. He has allowed me to use my DJ talents on several occa­sions at Ziggy Mahoney s. So I have been blessed to learn from the best.

EIL: What was your favorite party? BT: My favorite kid's party has to be when I dressed up as "Mother Goose" for my friend Carla Gate's son "Little Vassa", which is how I started my children's party business. I hate to admit it but I was an awesome "Mother Goose." The children listened to Nursery Rhymes and got pictures taken with me. It was great.

My favorite wedding receptions are balanced between a mother with three boys who danced with her to "You'll Be in My Heart." Each son danced his own style and one even dipped her; the bride sang "I Feel Pretty" to her bridesmaids, and a couple, not sure if it was bride and groom, but they sang the entire song "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights." I was laughing so hard.

My favorite putty would have to be one with most of my friends on this island. I get teased about "running for mayor" because everyone seems to think I know everybody, even my fam­ily believes it. I love a party that all my friends attend and have a great time, especially the lat­est '80s party I did where everyone dressed from the '80s. If you missed it, Michael Jackson was there moonwalking, and Richard Simmons was there too.

EIL: How can people get in contact with you if they want to hire you for a party?

BT: I am working on putting together a web page, but there are ways to get in touch with me.


Home: 912.634.8638

Cell: 912.223.3294